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Australis II

‘Australis II’ is the tenth of ASCI’s new generation 22 metre prawn treawers to join the fleet and will be based at the new marina at Wallaroo. Her clean lines and distinctive claret and white livery give her a pleasing and traditional appearance.

Peter Parissos and his wife Mary moved to Australia in 1974 deciding to call South Australia home.

Peter began processing fish on the west coast, later moving his family to Adelaide and about then decided it was time to invest some money in the fishing industry.

His first purchase was the prawn trawler ‘Gunsynd’ which he bought in 1988 and began fishing in Spencer Gulf.

“And Spencer Gulf being such a well-managed fishery, we have never looked back”, he says.

However, in recent years he had come to consider ‘Gunsynd’ too small and with the need to consider onboard processing to remain truly competitive, he decided to remain truly competitive, he decided to upgrade to a bigger vessel with all the advantages modern technology can offer.

I wanted to build a new vessel for my needs, and I wanted to use a local yard so I could watch, and keep control. So I looked to ASCI because I knew Joe’s reputation as a good boat builder, and he has many successful vessels operating out there now.

“He was very helpful, and I knew right from the beginning what I was getting, and how the finished product would turn out. Joe has had a lot of experience with the fishery, and was able to meet my specific requirements without any problems, and finally, of course, I could see that I was going to get a top quality vessel at the right price. And that is an important consideration if you are going to be competitive,” he stated.

“We opted for a Cummins because we have had a long relationship with them as we also have a Cummins in ‘Gunsynd’ and John Guet and his boys have looked after and service that engine to our entire satisfaction for many years”, he said.

“We have fitted the Cummins N14-M with its horsepower rated at 360 at 1,800 revs. This is an economical engine of simple construction, regularly upgraded to include the latest in design technology benefits, and also designed for ease of service access, with good after sales service and cheap parts.”

“We also chose two Cummins 6BT-G2 auxiliaries, both rated at 112kVA coupled to Stamford New age alternators. Both these auxiliaries are dedicated marine engines with water cooled manifolds and turbochargers. Hydraulic power is supplied by front PTO drives on each auxiliary with electronic monitoring and controls via the AIS monitoring system. Again we had full confidence in the Cummins set up as well as the advantages of their service and the economics.”

The engine room layout appears spacious and all units are easily accessible for service work and maintenance.

Haldane Enterprises has just completed a new model sorting machine for ‘Australis II’, which is a further development of its successfully developed hoppers with fixed side tables.

This latest model is constructed largely of marine grade aluminium and has pair or articulated side tables that allow for a rapid and efficient catch return as well as folding to a compact unit when not in use.

As with previous models, the machine’s two belts are driven by a self-contained electric/hydraulic power unit with control valves positioned for ease of operation. Sorted product is flumed from the sorting belt to the grader, allowing the prawns to be graded in up to seven sizes. There is still adequate working room on the after deck.

The trawler’s layout includes provision for a bow thruster, if required, later and her fuel tanks hold 53,000 litres giving her more than adequate range for her deployment in Spencer Gulf.

The winches and hydraulic installations are from EBM Engineering, with a single console for control of all the deck gear situated just aft of the wheelhouse.

The wheelhouse is bright and functional, with excellent all-round vision, and concentration of electronic gear on the starboard side. The radios are mounted overhead, and everything is complemented by the traditional woodwork for which the yard is renowned including a conventional steering wheel.

Refrigeration is by C.M. Heithersay Industries. ‘Australia II’ has two Bitzer rotary screw compressors with oil cooling and R507 refrigerant. These compressors return excellent performance, and are said to be proving superior to the reciprocating type at low temperatures.

All the pipe work is steel, and the low temperature evaporators are fitted with Danfoss electronic TX valves.

She carries 20 tonnes of frozen product, with the air blast snap freezer taking 180 ten kilogram boxes down to -40ºC.

Fully air-conditioned, the four man crew will be accommodated in three roomy two man cabins adjacent to the comfortable and well-appointed mess with , again, a homely touch from the woodwork, but some high-tech sound and entertainment equipment to make life a little more enjoyable at sea.

The bulbous bow, now a trademark of ASCI’s vessels, offers better sea keeping qualities, as well as enhanced economy, and all in all ‘Australis II’ will be a good workable vessel with many creature comforts and technical advantages for her crew.

She left port for the grounds off Wallaroo with owner Peter Parissos onboard plus his skipper from ‘Gunsynd’ Bill Cunningham in command, Paul Pumpas as engineer, Randall Wilson as deckie and “young Bruce” as chef.

Peter Parissos’ faith in this Peter James designed vessel from ASCI would appear to be well justified. The resulting vessel has attractive clean lines, and every boost modern technology can give in the battle to remain competitive.

Vessel Type Prawn Trawler
LOA 22.0 metres
LWL 20.3 metres
Draught 3.62 metres
Beam 7.1 metres
Depth 3.62 metres
Speed 10.0 knots
Materials steel
Main Engine Cummins N14-M
Location Wallaroo, SA
Designer Peter James