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At 22 metres the ‘Cvita-B’ has a distinctive bulbous bow that provides her with both improved economy and better sea keeping capabilities, providing a far better working environment in the Spencer Gulf fishery.

A free running speed of 10 knots is made possible by a propulsion package centred around a single Caterpillar 3408B. The 365 horsepower, eight cylinder engine spins a Veem propeller via a Twin Disc MG516 gearbox of 6:1 reduction.

As is usual for trawlers, the 1.8 metre propeller spins in a matched nozzle for higher efficiency at trawling speeds.

The main engine, and the three Perkins auxiliaries, are fuelled by some 40 tonnes of diesel.

He accommodation is air-conditioned, comfortable and bright. The spacious, well-appointed wheelhouse is situated on the fo’csle deck, ahead of the control station for the trawl winches.

This console has been purpose built for a single operator, allowing control of all the deck machinery, and is sited centrally between the twin funnels.
Her freezers allow her to carry 20 tonnes of frozen product, her snap freezer capacity is 120 packs of 10 kilos, frozen in size to eight hours.

Initially the prawns will be manually graded, but the Bralics expect to install a grading machine for the next season, and somewhere in future, to process smaller packs for the export market.

The refrigeration is by Chillteck Pty Ltd and has separate refrigeration for both the brine tanks (a Bock compressor runs both). There is a separate compressor for both the hold and snap, though either compressor can handle both if required.

Everything about the ‘Cvita-B’ is clean and efficient, workman like, and in the true seafaring tradition.

Vessel Type Prawn Trawler
LOA 21.95 metres
LWL 20.30 metres
Draught 3.62 metres
Beam 7.10 metres
Depth 3.64 metres
Speed 10.0 knots
Materials steel
Main Engine Caterpillar 3408B
Location South Australia
Designer Peter James